Mr Darwin’s Tree

Tickets are available now for a one man play called ‘Mr Darwin’s Tree’ which focuses in on Charles Darwin’s development of evolutionary theory (without delving into the scientific details) and parallel examination of his faith, as well as the responses to his new theory from a number of different people. It brings out the tension between science and evolutionary theory that people felt in the 19th Century and challenges the standard simplistic ‘science at war with faith’ myth.  The play has a positive message from both a faith and a scientific perspective.  The actor Andrew Harrison, of Riding Lights Theatre company, will perform the play on Friday November 6th and Saturday November 7th at 8:00pm in the Clarke Foley Centre, Cunliffe Road, Ilkley. Tickets are £8 to cover costs and any profits will be donated to the Revival Centre in Matugga Uganda supported by churches in Ilkley.  Tickets are available on the door each evening.