Credit Union

The Collection point is open on Friday from 10.00am to 12.00 at Christchurch on The Grove

Churches Together in Ilkley say NO to Payday loans

Bradford District Credit Union has welcomed the setting up of a collection point at Christchurch on The Grove, Ilkley, by Churches Together in Ilkley.

Dania Azadi, Financial Inclusion Development officer at Bradford District Credit Union said: ‘We are an ethical financial organisation run by and for the members in the district reaching out to individuals so that they do not pay a poverty premium for credit.

‘We currently have two branches in Bradford and twenty Information and Collection points.

‘Our membership numbers are continuing to grow and are currently over 4500 members. People are now aware of us and the good work that we do. As a result our lending has gone up by 39% from last year.

‘We are also working with Incommunities – the social housing provider and any Incommunities tenant who opens a saving account with us will be given a free £10 voucher to kick start them to save.’

Bradford District Credit Union currently offer the following products and services:

Savings Account

Junior Savings Account

Christmas Savings Account

Affordable Loans

Pre-paid Visa Debit Card

On-line banking is another service that will be coming soon.

The new Collection Point at Christchurch will serve Ilkley and Ben Rhydding and also act collectively with other BDCU Collection points in serving the people of the district and raising awareness that there is an alternative to Payday lenders and Loansharks.

Mr Azadi added ‘Thanks go to the Churches Together group who started this with the support of Ilkley Council.’